Are you Shaolin Master Material?

image BAM! BAM! POWWW! Did you know that Shaolin Kung Fu is a collection of Chinese martial arts that originated in China in the late 1960s? Today, Shaolin Kung Fu has taken a prominent role in popular culture being featured in online games, cartoons, movies, and other media; it has also become a popular hobby! Have you tried the world’s new favorite past time yet?

If you’re interested in some BAM! BAM! POWWW! …or in other words, if you’re into some fun and action you will love this game. Shaolin Master is an action filled game testing your reflexes. This game will keep you on your toes as you are dodging and jumping from arrows and stars! You have the option in first training your skills and reflexes, and then when you finally feel ready …you can take the Shaolin Master challenge! Here’s what you’ve got to do: Challenge 1 – Press Left and right to strike back the stars! Survive 30 stars of increasing speed! Press Spacebar to start! Challenge 2 – Jump (up key) over the arrow that reaches the limit to progress to the next level! Challenge 3 – Press Left and Right to strike back the stars, UP to jump over the arrows! These three challenges will be good practice and test before the player goes on to the real test of becoming a Shaolin Master! This is a real challenge…are you up for some intensive training? Do you have what it takes to become a Shaolin Master? Test your skills and get some BAM! BAM! POWWW! now! Can you beat Mundoso’s high score of 6600 pts?